YouTube to Modify Monetization Policies in coming February


YouTube is the best place to share video’s and they instantly get viral if your content is noticeable. The bloggers presently have a great business through the ad’s view while their videos are active. The YouTube terms and conditions included the clause to attain 10000 public views to become a member of YouTube’s partner program.

There was no condition for minimum hours view as it is quite difficult to attain. The company has declared that it will be implemented soon. The company has assured it is all to protect viewers from the inappropriate display of content.

YouTube to Modify Monetization Policies in coming February
YouTube to Modify Monetization Policies in coming February

Reason Behind Modification in Policies


The incident that recently took place because of Logan, who is a YouTube star. The main cause was his video showing Suicide of a man in a forest which is located in Japan. He was removed from the privilege of becoming YouTube’s partner program, although he is posting videos specifically for urging apology. The mistake he had committed, YouTube does not want a repetition.

The company has always promised to keep its policy updated. This step is a very harsh one resulting from the various disturbing video’s that were uploaded to YouTube last year.

New Policies

YouTube has made an announcement to monitor the monetization of advertisement during the video. It has put a new condition for the members of YouTube’s Partner Program that they need to attain 4000hours of overall view in the past 12 months and have at least 1000 subscribers.

Effect of The Change in Policies

The company will be able to filter the good work and the bad work. The controversy created by some videos which are not good for children’s can be avoided easily. The strictness has been tightened just to prevent the incident similar to Logan. But a relief for the one using Google Preferred as they have nothing to worry about. Their advertisement will run along with the videos available on YouTube. “Actions speaks louder than words”, the company has always assured to improve its policies and the words are coming true by this announcement. From 20 February 2018, the policies will be implemented.


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