The Wemo Mini Smart Switch Receives Homekit Support


The Wemo mini smart switch is now able to connect to the HomeKit through software protocol. So, no more MFi chipset is required to perform the task. Usually, a Wemo Bridge is what connects the Wemo Mini smart switch with the HomeKit which costs around $35. The great news is that just update the Wemo mini smart switch going to the Wemo app and that’s it. The software will take care of the rest of the thing.

Apple has long promised that the manufacturers will be able to add support for HomeKit smart home standard through just a software authentication and finally they have kept their word. The Wemo mini smart switch is the first device to get this Homekit support. The company has already started rolling out the update and by next week almost all the users of the Wemo mini smart plug will receive it.

The Wemo Mini Smart Switch Receives Homekit Support
The Wemo Mini Smart Switch Receives Homekit Support

Wemo mini smart switch is a very new product in the market that is been launched just last year in 2017 and since then almost 1 million pieces have been sold off. So, users are quite impressed with the performance of this device.

As of now, Wemo mini smart switch is the only product to have this Homekit support via software protocol and no other non-chipped product has this ability. This is a great victory for Apple as they are now in the position to compete for the race with Amazon and Google. These big companies have several products that work with the Smart home platform and Apple too is all set to jump into the race.

In the meantime, you can use your Wemo Bridge to use other Wemo gadgets. However, soon all other Wemo gadgets too will receive the support of Homekit through a software authentication that will make things much easier.


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