Vivo S6 5G set to Launch on March 31


Despite the Corona epidemic, smartphone manufacturers continue to do their job. One of these companies, Vivo, is expected to release a new smartphone in the coming days.

Some Information Leaked About Vivo S6 5G

The name of the smartphone, which is planned to be released on March 31, is Vivo S6 5G. Before the release, some information about the device was leaked to the Internet, one of which has two selfie cameras.

Vivo S6 5G set to Launch on March 31
Vivo S6 5G set to Launch on March 31

The company also shared the official design and visuals of the phone. Interesting details stand out in these designs. One of them is that the phone comes with 4 cameras. These cameras are arranged in a circular shape.

Vivo announced that the main camera has a 48-megapixel sensor. Other than that, there is nothing known about the device. The device looks like any other Vivo phone, as it looks from the pictures. In addition, the device has a dual-color flash as it appears in the pictures.

The phone was previously listed on the site in China. Here, the device appears to be in 2 different colors, Pink-Blue-White gradient, and Dark Blue-White gradient.

On the certification sites of the phone, it seems to support fast charging up to 18W (9Vdc, 2A).


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