Virtual Reality fails to make a mark in CES 2019


The announcement of the virtual reality technology back in 2012 generated tremendous buzz and excitement in the entertainment industry everywhere. From its versatile applications in the gaming, movie and graphics industry, VR was all set to take over the world backed by powerful giants such as Facebook and Sony.

Fast forward a few years to 2019, the technology and demand for VR have seemed to take a few steps backward with little to no interest in CES 2019.

Virtual Reality fails to make a mark in CES 2019
Virtual Reality fails to make a mark in CES 2019

VR technology in CES 2019 was showcased by a couple of VR headsets from HTC, Sony PlayStation VR and a closed demo for Facebook’s Oculus Quest.

Challenges of the Virtual Reality Technology

Some of the reasons why VR did not get the traction and growth it needed are listed below:

  1. Need for expensive hardware and Add-ons – The graphics and computing power required to run VR tech is quite a high end and ends up being expensive. Additionally, users have to bear the VR headset costs and other add on accessories. This makes the tech out of reach for the majority of people.
  2. Appeal for Non-Gamers – VR has been known mainly to be used in the entertainment industry for movies and games. Even though it has versatile applications in a number of different industries such as education, hospitals, etc., lack of awareness and campaigning has made non-gamers reluctant and hesitant about using this technology.
  3. Lack of software – most of the tech giants which were excited initially about the VR industry are now backing out. This has led to a sharp decline in the software or applications available in VR.

Even though VR has tremendous potential and promises, the lack of applications and software to back up the tech has led to a dwindling number of users. Though the technology still packs a lot of potential and applications in a number of different industries, there is still a lot of work to be done before it can live up to its hype.




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