Switch Online Made More Enticing with Zelda II and Blaster Master from Nintendo

Are you a subscriber of Nintendo? Then, here is great news for you. Switch Online is becoming more enticing when Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master are added to the lineup of NEW games. Launched in 1987 originally, Zelda II was the side-scrolling RPG. This used to be the great departure from the first installment gameplay of the franchise. Now, both Adventure of Link and the game Blaster Master will be available for playing anywhere and anytime on the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Nintendo Switch Online.

In Zelda II, Link returns to awaken Zelda and comes in the hunt for Triforce. So, just embark on this quest and explore the Triforce of Courage to save Hyrule from such destruction. Learn the magical tricks, speak with the people of the town, collect items, get clues, increase power and explore the 6 palaces in the meanwhile where the underlings of Ganon awaits and keeps lurking.

Switch Online Made More Enticing with Zelda II and Blaster Master from Nintendo
Switch Online Made More Enticing with Zelda II and Blaster Master from Nintendo

It took several years after Link’s Doppelganger Dark Link got introduced. On the other hand, Blaster Master is the run-gun classic of the year 1988. Zelda II – The Adventure of Link and the Blaster Master are the most recent additions to NEW game line-up subscription.

Well, in December, Nintendo introduced the ‘Ninja Gaiden‘ ‘Woods and Adventures of Lolo‘ into the mix. Such classics are the main draw of Switch Online, while the other two being the Save Data Cloud Backup and online play solely. Both Blaster Master and Zelda II will be made available right from January 16th this year.

Zelda II sequel to the Classic Adventure makes use of the side-scroll visual engine that is more unique to this series for technical combat. It is more in-depth world roaming, while in the Blaster Master you fall down in a hole full of horrifying creatures. You got to move through the tunnels and find your way out. If you panic, you perish, but if you combat, you find your way out.

This is all we have today in the gaming front! More updates soon!


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