STALKER 2 – The Expected Screenshot


GSC Game World shared the first screenshot of the upcoming STALKER 2. The company stated that the world may want to take a look at the game a little earlier, as it needs social isolation during the corona pandemic.

STALKER 2 – The Expected Screenshot

The tweeted screenshot shows very little, but while it has significantly more advanced graphics than 2007 original, it reveals another scary-looking world. An ‘anomaly‘ between trees and abandoned vehicles; supernatural power outage caused by the Chernobyl disaster before the first game. Judging by the colors, there may be a harmful Tesla anomaly or a more curious Teleport anomaly.

Expected First Screenshot of STALKER 2
Expected First Screenshot of STALKER 2

In a follow-up tweet, GSC Game World said,

Many of you are now participating in social isolation. So today, in a very special situation, we are ready to unravel the mystery of what we are working on. This is the first look at STALKER 2.

The tweet also promises more for 2020.

The original STALKER was released on March 20, 2007, which means almost 13 years have passed since its launch. STALKER was one of the most anticipated PC games of that time, with a long process of development, rigorously followed by its fans.

STALKER 2 First Screenshot Revealed



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