Sony PlayStation Suffers More Trouble – Gaming And Social Services Impacted This Time

For the third time this week, Sony is grappling with recurrent issues impacting its PlayStations. This happens to be a very inopportune timing, considering the availability of new games like the Monster Hunger and the Dragon Ball FighterZ; users are dying to launch these games and play online.

Sony Playstation Suffers More Trouble - Gaming And Social Services Impacted This Time
Sony PlayStation Suffers More Trouble – Gaming And Social Services Impacted This Time

Not all PlayStations Services have been Impacted

There had been a more severe blackout a few days back when all services of the PS were brought to a standstill. The situation this time is only marginally better, considering that some features like PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Music are operating fine.

Sony has confirmed that only the gaming and social aspects of the PS have been affected this time. Gaming is the key functionality of a PS, hence, this does not really count as much of an improvement.

You may be having trouble doing the following

With the latest stalling, users are facing trouble launching purchased games and applications and some online features. Although Sony has clarified that the issues have been resolved, some users are continuing to face problems. For them, the official remedy has been to log out of their accounts, shut down the PS4 and follow a link (as provided on their Twitter handle). After confirming signing in, the PS4 can be powered up and signed in.

It might still be possible to play games offline for the time being. The criticality level has been brought down to amber from red, meaning that resolution is well on the way. There has also been a steep decline in the number of reports of downtimes, which also bodes well.

Players can, however, derive comfort from the fact that Sony does not have a history of leaving glitches unattended for too long. As mentioned on their page, their engineers are working hard to settle the issues at the earliest.

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