Smart Speakers Analysis, An Ultimate Time Saving Gadget


After doing thorough tests on several smart speakers, Loup Ventures has published a report over the internet according to which smart speakers are getting smarter. Loup conducted the analysis of several smart speakers viz. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Google Assistant has topped the ranking by answering 87.9% correctly and the speaker also has shown a capability to understand all the questions in an impeccable manner.

The IQ tests hold near about 800 questions which the analyst had asked several smart speakers and had recorded the statistics on the accuracy of the answers which are provided by them. Highest improvement is recorded in Siri; the smart speaker has shown near about a rise of 22 points in just a matter of 9 months.

Smart Speakers Analysis, An Ultimate Time Saving Gadget
Smart Speakers Analysis, An Ultimate Time-Saving Gadget

Furthermore, Google Assistant has shown an impeccable capability to answer questions related to how to purchase a particular item from the internet. This helps a customer to make a quick buying decision and saves his or her time.

According to the analyst the smart speakers are building their capacity to understand the questions which are asked by the user. Loup also told that it’s only a matter of time when the smart speakers would assist humans in a thorough search over the internet. Loup Ventures had created questions on several different aspects viz. command prompt, navigability, commercial information and local knowledge.

With the help of smart speaker, you can also get assistance about various shops and malls in your town where you can visit and can spend a great time. You can also get an update on weather and can also ask the speaker whether you have an important meeting or event scheduled up your calendar.

The speaker will also assist you in knowing the place where you have to be for the meeting. Smart speakers are helping humans in many ways in their daily task.


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