Google Chrome To Use More RAM Due To The New Site Isolation Feature

Spectre Vulnerabilities were the big design flaw that affected most of the processors in the market including Intel, AMD, and ARM. This was a big issue at the beginning of 2018 and Google is trying their hard since then to come out with the best solution. Finally, the Google team has brought a solution to this Spectre Vulnerabilities security issue by introducing a feature called ‘Site Isolation‘.

The spectre design flaw allowed hackers to have access to more data. That is hackers could read memory effectively which the process is not allowed to have access to.

Google Chrome To Use More RAM Due To The New Site Isolation Feature
Google Chrome To Use More RAM Due To The New Site Isolation Feature

But, thanks to the new Site Isolation feature which will offer the utmost protection against this issue. However, Google Chrome will consume now even more RAM for this newly added feature. How this Site Isolation feature will work is, it will limit the rendering process for every single site. So, each site will have a separate rendering process. And thus Chrome can now prevent hackers from directly reading memory across the processes.

As per Google’s statement, this feature is already enabled for almost 99% users across all platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac and Chrome OS. The remaining 1% is underperformance monitoring by Google.

While this is a great news to most of the users, the owner of old computers may find it difficult due to additional RAM consumption by Chrome. However, upgrading the RAM will quickly fix the issue for them as well.

How to check if this feature is enabled in chrome:

The process is much simpler.

Just go towards The Menu > More Tools and open the Task Manager tab. Here look for the option Subframes and check if there is any URL which is not used by you directly. If the Subframe processes are present in the Task Manager, the Site Isolation feature is enabled in your machine.

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