‘Show Activity Status’ – New Feature of Instagram


WhatsApps’ ‘Last Seen‘ feature is really interesting that allows you know that when your friend was last active and thankfully the same feature arrived to another popular social networking app Instagram. Yes, the new feature called as ‘Show Activity Status‘ shows that when you were active for the last time or when did you check the app last.

However, this status will not be visible to everyone rather the only friends with whom you use to share a lot of private messages and those who are tagged by you in the Instagram stories. This feature will remain ON by default. Anyways, you will always get an option to turn it off if required.

'Show Activity Status' - New Feature of Instagram
‘Show Activity Status’ – New Feature of Instagram

But in case you choose to turn off this show activity status feature, then you too will not be able to see other’s last active time. So, before you go ahead to turn this feature off, get ready to get the same result in return.

Here s how to turn off the ‘Show activity Status’ feature in Instagram.

  • First, open the app on any device either Android or iOS.
  • Tap on the profile page and then click on the settings icon.
  • Under the settings menu, you will see an option called ‘Show activity Status’ with a toggle next to it. Just toggle the switch and the feature will be off. That’s it. Later on, if you wish to turn the feature on, follow the same method.


This feature is available on both the platform Android and iOS, so whatever device you are using, you will be entitled to enjoy the new feature on Instagram.

Another new feature is also introduced on the same app that will allow users know that who is actually following them. For example, you are checking an account in the app who has followed you then you will get an option ‘follow back’ rather than just ‘follow’.


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