Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector with Zero Bezel!


There is this tug of war between flagship devices to get rid of a bezel and Samsung takes the lead with its all-new Samsung Galaxy S10 since its leaked screen guard shows almost zero bezels. Yes! There isn’t a bezel on any of the edges. Recently shared by none other than Ice Universe, the leaked video shows there aren’t any bezel while technically you can say there are some. They are indeed so slim that they seem to be non-existent. Well, this is not the first time when bezel-free screen guard has popped up. The screen protector features 2 cut-outs at the upper right-hand corner just to match the phone’s in-screen camera sensor for an O-Display.

The top bezel has one cut-out for the phone speaker. The phone also has beautiful curved edges.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Guard with Zero Bezel!
Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Guard with Zero Bezel!

When compared to the bezels found on Apple iPhone X and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the bezels on Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Guard are thinner and almost invisible. On the 20th February 2019, we can expect the launching of Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 and this is prior to the augment of Mobile World Congress Trade to take place in Barcelona.

The design is in line Samsung’s Screen Protector

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Guard is almost in line with the screen protector previously introduced by Samsung. Back in the early November, Samsung has introduced almost bezel-free ‘New Infinity‘, one of the screen designs among 4 which had no bezels. This same is in store for the latest Galaxy S10 screen guard. But, it is going to use the ‘Infinity O Display‘. There is a slight cut out you notice in the screen for that front-facing camera.

Interestingly, Samsung has already declared that we can expect significant design changes in the Samsung S10 and Samsung Screen Protector. Everything will be out of the bag in the late February of the year 2019.


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