Samsung Galaxy S10 Grand – Focusing To Make Unveiling


There’s good news for Samsung fans around the globe as the mobile giant had already started to work on its latest mobile versions. Rumors say that they could make the phone available for public earlier than expected. Earlier, Samsung had hinted that it is working on several Galaxy S10 models. The mobile giant will unveil its S versions in February 2019, while the high-tech 5G model is being expected to launch in the mid of 2019.

Earlier one of the concerning authority of Samsung had shared the news with reporters saying that its S10 series phones will have OLED screens. OLED technology is new in the market and at present Samsung doesn’t want to talk about it in detail. According to one of the active blogger, Samsung has already started to manufacture its new phones for users. The blogger further tweeted saying people should stay tuned as several news leaks will be made public in upcoming weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Grand - Focusing To Make Unveiling
Samsung Galaxy S10 Grand – Focusing To Make Unveiling

Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to have a sophisticated design and great features to provide tough competition against its rival brands. According to one of the news reports Samsung’s S10 series is expected to have fingerprint facility build by in-display technique and it will also aid eyes to read without causing much strain. Furthermore, Samsung is also expected to have triple or if possible quad read cameras which will help you capture great images and videos.

Moreover, Samsung fans are vouching for several other features which the mobile giant could offer viz. color pattern, size of the screen, the storage capacity of the phone, etc. To make the mobile set available for a larger number of people, worldwide, the mobile giant has started to manufacture the mobile earlier than the expected date.

According to one of the news reporters, Samsung will unveil the mobile on 20th of February 2019.


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