Quarter Four Of 2017, Apple Shipped 29 Million Units Of iPhone X


Apple has always fetched a great number of customer satisfaction. The latest features, cooping-up with changing demand and focusing on a great experience for the users. The company is the toughest competitor to Samsung, Google, etc. The result of the quarter four was unexpectedly satisfactory.

In early November the company was struggling with the delivery issues. Later, in November end the production increased on a greater scale, resulting in shipping twenty-nine million iPhone X by the quarter end.

Quarter Four Of 2017, Apple Shipped 29 Million Units Of iPhone X
Quarter Four Of 2017, Apple Shipped 29 Million Units Of iPhone X

Releasing iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X Together A Great Decision?

It seems to be if the marketing statistics are concerned as the price asked for iPhone X is $999. The price is huge but is worth it. The latest features of face detection and the new design have been the main attraction. Plus, the option for the current Apple users to upgrade their present iPhone with some addition to the cost. This made many people upgrade their handset.

Was Industry Satisfied With The Results?

No, they had something else in their predictions but it was not disappointing for them. The industry observed a major change that is the total number of handset sold in China were seven million. The company has been targeting this country and was satisfied with the new Chinese customers. The company is positive with the present and is looking forward to the future. The improvement in the sales is all because of the financing option availed by those who can afford the cost of $999.

The company is aiming to set a record for marking huge revenue from the first quarter of 2018. The last quarter of 2017 gave company total revenue of $74.8 billion and they have a target of $84-87 billion by the first quarter of 2018.


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