Will project Soli re-revolutionize the mobile industry


After FCC granted a waiver to Google for using high-frequency electromagnetic waves for project Soli, the mobile market is expected to see a wide range of innovation in the upcoming future. According to a concerning authority of Google, project Soli will offer an impeccable feature to users, with the help of which they could operate mobile sets via making gestures in the air by their hands. Many people are finding Google’s new initiative and air view feature of Samsung similar which is not the case.

Previously, Samsung had come up with air view feature in its S4 model; here you can read the email and description of a photograph without even touching the mobile screen. On the contrary project, Soli implements the radar technology with the help of which users can control their mobile phones. In the latest technique used by Google, users can tap on the screen of their handsets by rubbing their thumb and index finger.

Will project Soli re-revolutionize the mobile industry
Will project Soli re-revolutionize the mobile industry

A couple of months before Google had asked for permission from FCC so that it could use the high-frequency band for the project viz. around 57-64 GHz. Due to the latest technology, it would bring revolution in the mobile industry as users would be able to operate their device even when the device is inside their pockets.

This all became possible due to radar technology which can even penetrate through clothes. Thus people can operate their mobile phones even when they are wearing gloves. Plus it also offers more mobility to a mobile user. With the help of radar technology, you can even operate your mobile easily even under rain and the best part is that you don’t have to fret about damaging the device.

Furthermore, according to one spokesperson of FCC, the radar technology can also be adapted by airlines. This will allow the operability of radar devices inside of the flight.


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