Amazon Go Store – No Cash And No Cashier


A supermarket needs cash, cash counters, cashiers and check out procedure. These all are a must, but Amazon Go store does not need that. Opened at Seattle on 22 January 2018. The unique feature to make an actual store feel like an online experience.

The company announced the store a year back and the technical issues delayed the launch.

No Cash And No Cashier At Amazon Go Store
No Cash And No Cashier At Amazon Go Store

How Does That Work?


One needs to have an account on Amazon Go (it can be downloaded from the app store). Then, the unique barcode will be read by the machine located at the entrance of the store. the bar code reader is known as Amazon Dash Wand. That’s it, move ahead and put your phone aside, everything is automatic. It gives you feel like a self-driven car gives to a driver. Paper billing is avoided and the e-bill is generated on your Amazon Account.

Where Will Customer Pay?

The list that is automatically generated depending on your picked-up item will get summarized and the total will be charged from your Amazon Account. It is that simple, no need for manual checkout. The customer can enjoy this latest shopping experience.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It has come up with the idea to get rid of the check-out procedure. One just needs to do is pick-up the stuff they want to buy. The sensors will do their work and add to the list of the Amazon account with which they have logged in. They have hired assistant staff for customers query.

The store is not only offering the grocery item, but they also have full cooked meals. They are offering fresh food made by their chefs, food available in local famous bakeries and also, fresh bread. The company has taken over Whole Food.


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