Niantic closes the funding round to $190 million


Niantic, the software developer who is known as the creator of the Pokémon Go and many other gaming projects is stepping out to start for a new one which will be around the Harry Potter Universe.

The firm which is San Francisco based revealed that it has risen the funding with the US Security and Exchange Commission. Many of the investors with the Niantic are the Google, Spark Capital, the Pokémon company, etc.

Niantic closes the funding round to $190 million
Niantic closes the funding round to $190 million

After it, there is the news that the Niantic has closed down the $190 million funding round according to the resources. This all does support the statement that the Niantic is actually raising its capital at the time when it does not need to at all. But the company has denied the statement but its all clear from the repowers.

The round closed down on 20 December, according to the sources. Niantic is estimated to have increased the funding to about the $415 million till date.

It is being speculated that the Pokémon Go has made almost the $800 million in the revenue globally in the year 2018. It is approximately 35% of the year 2017.

The game was launched in 2016 and it became the international game in the same year. However, the gamers lost interest in it between the year when the company tried to use many other things like the trainer battles. But the company was backed by many other gaming projects.

Niantic has recently stated that it wanted to replicate the technology it has used in the original Pokémon Go videos on which there is an integration of various seamless animated creatures with the real world.

The Niantic has joined many companies and invested in projects like the digilens, holographic makers, etc.


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