News Of Recent Acquisitions And Events By Microsoft


We will be covering all top news relating to recent acquisitions and events by Microsoft.

News Of Recent Acquisitions And Events By Microsoft
News Of Recent Acquisitions And Events By Microsoft

PlayFab Acquisition

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of the Gaming department, Kareem Choudhry, welcomed PlayFab into the Microsoft family. PlayFab, founded in 2014 and headquartered at Seattle, Washington, USA, is a complete backend provider for PC’s and mobile games that are cloud-based.

The various tools designed by PlayFab are used by game developers, this will prove to be a great extension to Microsoft Azure especially in the gaming industry.

Intel’s Spectre firmware buggy

A recent update by Intel’s Spectre firmware turned out to be buggy causing unexpected and spontaneous reboots and even leading to data loss and/or corruption, as issued by Intel.

Intel has advised its PC makers and customers to not update their firmware at the moment. To get matters in control, Microsoft has issued a new software update for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Build 17083 to Enable Better Font Management

Font‘s play a very important role in the visual aspects. This new build will enable managing fonts and acquiring new font simpler. In the control panel under setting a whole new section has been created for fonts.

This is going to make available newer features like adding color fonts or variable fonts, among a few new capabilities.

Microsoft X-Box – Game Pass update

Microsoft X-Box‘s Game Pass program has been majorly updated and is set to host all the X-Box One games published by Microsoft Studios.

All the new games will be available at the same time, both at the stores and Game Pass.This service cost $10 per month, and the users are given access to a collection of games.

Concern over Microsoft’s data collection using Windows 10 fixed

Microsoft has been facing criticism over its data collection using Windows 10. Many countries including France have asked Microsoft to stop collecting data.

Microsoft had informed that the data collected is being used to better their operating system which it uses to make better product decisions, but it’s not seen as a welcome move.

A new Windows Diagnostics Data Viewer will let Microsoft decrypt data that is sent over in an encrypted form to the Microsoft servers.


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