Netflix Breaks Ties With Apple Due To Online Subscription Payment Issues

In a recent step taken by entertainment giant, Netflix, iPhone users can’t access their Netflix account through their iOS applications. One of the concerning authorities of Netflix has made a public statement in which it has been stated that the company no longer accepts payment through iTunes. This step has hindered millions of Netflix users to make payment for their subscription.

Netflix had started to make changes in subscription payment methods back in August 2018 and it introduced the change for the global population in the month of November. Due to Netflix’s endeavor, users will now have to make payment for subscription with the help of the platform’s website. Netflix took the initiative as Apple takes a great cut, up to 30% from the subscribers who pay for Netflix account with the iOS application.

Netflix Breaks Ties With Apple Due To Online Subscription Payment Issues
Netflix Breaks Ties With Apple Due To Online Subscription Payment Issues

Subscribers who are new to Netflix and who have missed a payment and want to avail the services of the streaming giant are the ones who have to log on to websites like Safari to make monthly payments. Apple had implemented it’s 15 to 30% commission policy back in 2016, due to which it had to face wide criticism from several tech companies around the globe. Along with Netflix, Spotify had broken ties with Apple due to its exuberant charges. Spotify is a musical application which provides a wide range of songs at a monthly subscription amount.

According to some analysts, Netflix will be able to gain a large amount of money through its recent policy and it doesn’t seem that it will hinder the streaming giant’s popularity among its users.

Before breaking ties with Apple, Netflix had also canceled the mode of subscription payment with the help of the Google Play Store. Furthermore, according to one news broadcasting channel, Apple is offering a subscription to its users where the giant is providing music, television series, and magazines to compete with Netflix.

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