Mobile Phone Security In The World Of Sophisticated Hacking Techniques


Last week a fake facial recognition test was conducted on several Android and iOS phones which resulted in most of the android phones to crack open. On the contrary, Apple iPhone X was unable to open; the test was conducted on several other mobile phone devices viz. LG G7, Samsung S9, Note 8, etc.

The face was imprinted in the United Kingdom, after taking images of a person with the help of 40+ cameras. Cameras take pictures from every other angle which helped in creating a full three dimensional model of the face with ease.

Mobile Phone Security In The World Of Sophisticated Hacking Techniques
How Secure Are Your Mobile Phones In The World Of Sophisticated Hacking Techniques

Due to the results, it can be inferred that the Android platform is not secure when it comes to getting facial recognition security. On the contrary, the technology for facial recognition used in Apple’s iPhone is based on infrared mapping technology which makes it very hard for a three-dimensional facial imprint to fool the system.

After the news has hit the internet, people have started to share their own views about the test. According to one user iPhones are considered best as they help them to be in a safer environment. There were some who challenged that iPhones are not as impenetrable as they are portrayed.

According to one of the reports iPhone’s face id got compromised with the help of a ghoulish mask. For that the technology used for the mask area two-dimensional image, the nose made up of silicon and three-dimensional frame. With the help of the mask, researchers were able to crack down the security of iPhone X in a sophisticated manner.

The two different researches have created a state of panic among mobile users as they have turned conscious about their security. According to one Apple user, the news about Apple is just a lie as even banks approve of Apple’s facial id software.


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