Microsoft Is Offering Its $999 Laptop For $799 And $1499 Model For $1199


The company is compromising on the specification in order to make discount over the price of its product. The new release of price or the revision of price has been made with a small change in the specification of the product being offered at a lower price. The reality behind the curtsy shown by Microsoft is compromising with the processor.

The company is offering a discount of $200 and provide a slower version of the same laptop.

Microsoft Is Offering Its $999 Laptop For $799 And $1499 Model For $1199
Microsoft Is Offering Its $999 Laptop For $799 And $1499 Model For $1199

The actual specification has the latest Windows in the laptop which is replaced by a slower version and presented at the discount prices. The market strategy adopted by the company is one of its own kind. The major issue with the laptop was the low battery life. The looks are amazing as it is very handy and a stylish notebook for the high school peoples. The specification chart is also attractive and can be a great deal. The compromise over performance just to save $200, is not great all together.

The actual price that has been compromised and shown as a discount is a trick to provide a much smaller space than the original model has.

Discounted Model

The company has found another way apart from releasing an older operating system is to decrease the storage in the discounted model. This particular laptop is a great deal with latest OS and the best performance.

It works best with the actual priced model and not the discounted one. Compromising from 256GB to 128GB is not at all worth it. The one who required high speed should go for the higher price, the opinion may differ.

The reason behind the change in price is not shared by company officially. The assumptions are on the sale issue which had not been great ever since the release of the laptop. The company is always open about its strategies and has always fulfilled the demand raised by the customers. The change in price followed by the change in specification is not a compromise over the quality of the product only the performance is different.


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