Masterwork Armor Will Be Introduced By Destiny 2 Along With An Update

After the success enjoyed the launch of Destiny 1, the company is ready to unleash the second part of the series, Destiny 2. The Bungie update has detailed the rework of the raid.

But, all of that is not so easy and one needs to go deep down to get all of that. The update is due on 30 January and one needs to wait until then to actually experience it.

Masterwork Armor Will Be Introduced By Destiny 2 Along With An Update
Masterwork Armor Will Be Introduced By Destiny 2 Along With An Update

What can you expect from the update?


The masterwork armor will work in a similar way as the weapons counterparts. The changes are noticeable in the Super mode and the power suits. The masterwork can be switched from one mode to another namely heavy, restorative and light.

The must for the survival among the three is considered as the restorative mode. It is great during a fight and during recovery as well.

Is future update possible?

The company is assuring that for enhancing the gaming experience of the gamers, it is working hard. Future updates are definite. The appearance will be customized as well in the upcoming time with an update. The bug presently placed in the system is taking away the effects of the update. To get used to it, one needs to be patient enough.

The Iron Banner will get a new gun with the upcoming update announced for it. The gamers can wait for the new options of the armor weapons coming on 30 January. The geared earn will also be available to use as an ornament with the update.

The Iron Banner engrams or token can be picked-up in infinite amount and the limit to the maximum has not been fixed by the company. The raid armor modes will be reusable and the options available will also be enlarged for the gamers.

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