Lens Explorer – A Snapchat Filter Revolution


Snapchat is the smartphone owner’s image diary. This app boasts a user population of 70 million and is still counting. Snapchat users are said to snap on a daily basis. Snapchat upgrades every time to amuse its users and give something new to feel their fun time. This time Snapchat has debuted a library of selfie filters. It is called the Lens Explorer.

Snapchat filters also called lenses, are used to add effects to a picture. Some features come with sounds too. There are many choices in lenses. They might be lovely, scary, crazy, flimsy. Users can select according to their wish. These filters were not free in the beginning. After the increase in users, most are available for everyone.

Lens explorer-A snapchat filter revolution
Lens explorer-A snapchat filter revolution

The Lens Explorer feature contains 100,000 unique filters. Snapchat’s new release requires the user to open the selfie camera. The user can select any part in their face. Snap chat scans the face. The scan is done to add the effect precisely on user’s face. The user will now be able to choose from a wide range of lenses. Some lenses pop heart in the eyes, brings tears to the user’s eyes, flimsy effects, some lens transforms the user face into a scary one. There is an ample amount of choices for the users. The users can have fun trying these effects. They can share these pictures with their circle in the app.

The new update has attracted a large number of users. The users are excited about this new arrival and have responded positively.

Snapchat is planning to monetize the lenses to gain revenue from the advertisers. This update is a comeback measure to attract more numbers of people and also entertain the existing users. Users need to keep updated software version as Snapchat won’t be supported by older software.


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