League of Legends Server Overload


According to the Riot Games Support department, the studio launched a fight against loss of League of Legends liquidity in Europe. The problem has been on the LOL server for weeks and has been blocking normal pub games a lot.

League of Legends Server Overload
League of Legends Server Overload

In collaboration with Internet Service Providers, creators are working on a solution to the problem of this scale. The problem of high ping and lobby stability has been marked as the highest priority.

Epidemic Affects League of Legends Servers

This month, Riot saw a significant increase in activity on European servers. They are surrounded by a world epidemic like never before. According to a report, 1.5 billion people live at home all over the world, lessons are online, and most of the teens face the screens all day long.

Riot constantly allocates additional servers. The company has allocated $ 4 million for servers. However, it was determined that not all of the available resources are available due to a certain error. Due to this error, users report delay and ping errors.

At night, a fix was made to make the waiting room more stable. Studies are ongoing to make the game better.

Due to the increasing internet density in Europe, there are delays in playing the game and this situation spoils the morale of the players. Riot talked to ISPs on this issue and is waiting for a solution.

We hope Riot will fix this error as soon as possible.

Riot Games Support


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