iPhone Time-Saving Tips And Tricks


Apple iOS 11 can enlarge many options for the users and also have given them a great experience to keep a check on the recent activities. The 3D touch has enhanced the user-satisfaction. There are many tricks that can save your time while using various features on your iPhone.

It will save your time and minimize the difficulty level to the re-perform certain task. The tips are mentioned below:

Time-Saving Tips And Tricks For iPhone
Time-Saving Tips And Tricks For iPhone

Swipe To Delete A Digit On Calculator

While using the calculator on your iPhone, mistakenly when you type a wrong digit. You have to re-perform the whole task to correct the calculation. This trick can help you to avoid the re-doing of the task. Just wipe on the digit and one by one they will get erased. Swipe from the left towards the right.


Customize Your iPhone Camera Option

When you use the camera, the mode whether the front or back can be switched over. To provide an ease, the option of the camera in the control center has been enlarged. The smartphone offers the mode to choose between a selfie, video or normal camera just by a touch. Put your finger on the camera icon available in control center for 3 seconds in it will pop up.

Alphabet To Numerical, Switch By A Touch

Simply, touch the 123-option located on the keyboard and you can switch from alphabets to the numerical. This is a lifesaver when discussing a business detail over a chat. The numbers are important for the finance deals and just a touch can provide you a lot more ease than before.

Switching Over To Another Language

The globe that is located on your keyboard can help you to switch from one language to another. The alphabets of the language will be displayed in no-time as soon as you touch on the language that is mentioned in the options. The options will pop-up when you touch the globe. Kindly check whether the language you are expecting is available on iPhone or not.

Clear All Notifications At Once

The option that can save so much of time. With the introduction of iOS 11, the notification has tremendously increased in number. On a busy day, you cannot just clear them one by one. Just touch the clear option on the topmost notification and clear them all. But it will only clear older notification and not the recent one.


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