iPhone To Implement Sony’s 3D Technique For Mobile Revolution


According to media resources mobile giant, Apple is planning to buy Sony‘s 3-dimensional sensors which would be used to make the iPhone devices speedier in the coming future. 3D sensors are known to provide better facial recognition, a wide range of photo editing options and several 3-dimensional modeling techniques. Few gadget pundits also believe that Apple could include 3D sensors in its iPhone XS and XS Max successors.

Furthermore, according to Satoshi Yoshihara, sensory division head at Sony mobile company, 3D technology has vast application in future. Satoshi also told the press that she believes that more and more mobile companies will adopt the technology in their handsets in future not so distant. Yoshihara also told the reporters that the application would also have a great use during gameplay on a mobile handset.

iPhone To Implement Sony’s 3D Technique For Mobile Revolution
iPhone To Implement Sony’s 3D Technique For Mobile Revolution

According to reports, Sony had started the manufacturing of ToF chips at the starting of the year 2018. ToF chips basically focus on time consumed by a laser beam to reach the subject and bounce off. 3D ToF chips are considered as a cornerstone in the latest mobile technology, implemented by Sony.

Yoshihara further told the reporters that in recent past many other mobile companies had joined hands with various other mobile companies, including Huawei. Huawei had used the sensor of Sony which can scan objects in real time. Satoshi Yoshihara also told news agencies that she expects the same revolution for 3D technology as she had for camera phones.

Few media personnel have also claimed that Apple has started to work on its own 3D sensors which will make its handsets more competent in the market. At present Apple is using 30000 arrays for facial recognition which helps its users to get impeccable security. Experts also believe that iPhone would include 3D technology as well as 5G connectivity in its upcoming mobile handsets to lure more and more customers from around the world.


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