Android is lacking behind iOS due to its users’ negligence


Android is lacking behind iOS due to its users’ negligence. After Apple’s iOS 11 got negative remarks from software analysts around the globe, the mobile giant has released iOS 12 which focuses on system stability as well as on mobiles’ performance. Previously, Apple’s iOS 11 had received a wide range of criticism due to its bug and connectivity issues.

On 2nd of January 2019, Apple company has revealed that more than 75% of its users, who had bought iPhones during the past four years, are using iOS 12. Near about 6% of the iPhone users have switched to iOS 12 in past 4 weeks.

Android is lacking behind iOS due to its users' negligence
Android is lacking behind iOS due to its users’ negligence

One of the spokespersons of Apple revealed that the big reason for such hike is due to festive season, where people had to send messages and make phone calls to their loved ones. On the contrary, Google is facing a great disappointment on behalf of its Android users. Google is trying to make its Android devices up to date so that the company can compete with Apple, but most of its Android users aren’t even availing the software update facility.

According to the statistical data, analysts infer the wide percentage of Android users who are still using older versions of the software. One of the spokespersons of Google further revealed that +50% of its Android users are still using Marshmallow or earlier versions of the operating system. Google released its OS Marshmallow back in 2015 which can easily be compared with iOS 9.

Back on August 6, 2018, Google launched its latest operating system, named Android Pie which is still adopted by less than 0.1% of mobile users. Android Pie is equipped with some of the most sophisticated features viz. authentication through biometric, impressive UX and UI features, etc. The OS is also supported with Vulkan 1.1 and the screen’s brightness can get adjusted automatically after reading the pattern of mobile usage by the user.


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