Hard Time For Apple, Considering Loops About iPhone X


Apple has been silent about many issues it has been facing from past 3 quarters. The loop has been identified and the news is all over the internet. The company has not achieved the projected sales ever since 2015 and this is the major cause of concern. The week that would last tonight has been the week to talk about Apple and the related rumors or true stories. The company aimed to make a heavy profit with the release of Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS but the results were disappointing.

Since past 3 years, Apple has been observed struggling with the sales issues. They are unable to gain more revenue, although the introduction of face detection and the attractive emoji created a fun curiosity but not a remarkable profit.

Hard Time For Apple, Considering Loops About iPhone X
Hard Time For Apple, Considering Loops About iPhone X

The issues regarding the updating of iOS, resulting in a slower performance of the handset was already in the news and everyone could actually relate to it. The latest update has claimed to fix the bugs yet the company admitted to doing the update to slow down the speed, in order to increase the sale of the new handset.

The OLED screen produced for Apple iPhone X is been cutting down in number and it is the indication that company is again stopping its production of past introduced gadget. The cutting down is of about the fifty percent that was initially estimated by the company from forty million to twenty million.

The company is targeting to scrap up it’s the most affordable handset that was the most popular after the release, iPhone SE. The company will be putting a brake on the supply of these and production will be stopped. iPhone X is also being shut down within one year of its release.

The latest feature of wireless battery charging, face detection, most equipped editing feature for a picture and many more. The company worked hard at the launch of the latest iPhone but failed to gather attention. The company is looking towards the more affordable handset as they could help the company to achieve the targeted sales.


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