Halo 2 PC is Launching Today


Halo 2 PC is launching today. Developer 343 Industries said on Twitter that Microsoft will release the game late in the day in the US due to connectivity problems around the world.

Halo 2 PC is Launching Today
Halo 2 PC is Launching Today

Some Persisting Issues in Halo 2 PC

Some of these issues are dangerous and can also negatively affect the player’s experience.
Some campaign missions may initially experience drops in FPS performance, and some gun sounds are missing when using the Scarab Skull. For this, 343 says; “Sometimes things take time, and it’s hard to tell the fans.”

343 also said;

This is a modern game development. We should be able to say this without fear. Yes, we encountered some problems. This is a process, let’s work together. We will overcome this situation. Please send us feedback, what you have to say is important to us. We will evaluate this. People will be satisfied with the result, although it is hard to wait a lot for this.

John Junyszek, 343 Industries has announced release dates for other countries. Accordingly, the game will be released on May 13 at 4 AM in England and at 6 AM in Moscow and Tokyo.

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