Google Has Updated Their Event Search With Exciting Features


Google, the giant search engine company has something good in the store again for us. They have updated the event search technique a mesmerizing way. It will now allow users to explore the events in more details right in the search.

Also, they will be recommended several events based on their interest. In other word, events in search got more simplified.

Google Has Updated Their Event Search With Exciting Features
Google Has Updated Their Event Search With Exciting Features


Here is how the new features of event search will act like.

  • The new update is designed to cover all kind of events. The events will include a cooking class, dancing class, local festivals, concerts etc. Just search with the term Concert or ‘events near me’ and you will be presented with all the possible events and concerts from a different
  • When you will search for an event and tap on it, a broader view of the events will be presented to you. For example, the event will offer all the possible details such as timing, location, ticket cost, venue review etc. Now, you can save the details to see it later on. There is also an option to get the ticket right then. To get the ticket right from the search, click through the link and buy tickets.
  • At the left bottom of the screen, you will notice a tab called ‘For You’. This is the tab which delivers events based on the user interest. Events from all categories such as cooking, photography, dancing etc. are recommended here. And the recommendation is as per your interest.

However, this updated event search feature is available to the US users only as of now. Google has also stated that they will start rolling out the update in the next few days. So, users are required to wait for a few more days to enjoy the new Event search.


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