Google Pay, A New Unified Payment Service


Mobile payment became so popular these days that all the smartphone manufacturer ensures that their new model or phone is equipped with this service especially. And it is just to mention in this context that Google is a huge contender when it comes to the mobile payment service. They first introduced Google Wallet and later on brought Android Pay while Chrome Auto-fill too is another payment service from them.

But, all these services lack versatility and this made Google take a strong decision. They have finally planned to unify all these payment services under one brand called as Google Pay, also called as Gpay.

Google Introduces Google Pay, A New Unified Payment Service
Google Introduces Google Pay, A New Unified Payment Service

G pay is very similar to the Android pay and works much like the Apple Pay service. It will allow users to buy stuff from this unified payment service across all their devices and in-store. The company has already started rolling out this new payment service and by now many of the users must have noticed that the Tap and pay settings are labeled as ‘Buy with Google pay’ or ‘Pay with Google Pay’.

However, this has reached very few users and if you have not received it yet, then wait for few more days and you will certainly notice that Buy with Google Pay is everywhere starting from Google products, in-store, online at retailers etc.

Airbnb, Dice, HungryHouse, and Fandango are some of the websites that have already added support for this unified payment service from Google while more sites will be added soon to the list. This payment service will be much easier to use. Just save all your information in the Google account and it will accelerate the whole payment procedure through Google Pay.

Google’s new introduction also lessens the headache of maintaining two separate apps Google Wallet and Android Pay. Rather just have G pay on your device and enjoy it hassle-free.


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