Google Map In China – Google Puts Full Stop On The Rumors To Re-Launch

Google is the best search engine worldwide and China is the country that has the speediest development and invention if the whole world is considered on a single stage. Both are not having an agreement regarding the use of Google Map.

Although the map has been developed by the Google Team due to non-acceptance of certain terms the facilities are not provided completely to over the internet in China.

Google Map In China - Google Puts Full Stop On The Rumors To Re-Launch
Google Puts Full Stop On The Rumors To Re-Launch

Rumors Were Ended By The Spokesperson Of Google

There has been speculation in the market about the re-launch of Google services of Map in China but the authorities have put them all off as they stated that Google has provided the Map for China many years ago but the country does not have an Application to provide the same to the residents.

They have assured that the map service has not been redefined for China and have provided the information regarding the same that the map was provided eight years ago but failed to be featured by the country in Google Play or iTunes Store.

If Not Google Map Then What Chinese Use For Digital Mapping

The Chinese version of map service has been recently launched by the application developers but still, there is no search result for the Google Map in the Chinese Application store.

For navigation purpose, the country has its own application known as Auto-Navi which is owned by China’s Alibaba Group Holding. Google has tried to re-enter the market but due to non-cooperation and blocking received by the country, the Chinese have limited access to the internet even for YouTube.

Reason Behind Non-Availability

The country back in 2010 had denied the acceptance to allow the search sensor to be used by the Google application and since then they have no access to the Map service.

The earlier non-cooperation shown by the country led to this unavailability of such a useful feature which is a very common one used by people all over the world. Let’s hope someday this comes to an end.

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