Catch Google Fit Challenge, Stay Healthy


Who doesn’t want to be happy with a healthy life? If you are also one of them, there is Google who is concerned about your health. In the New Year resolution of 2019, Google Fit is going to arrange #GetFitWithGoogle campaign for the next 30 days.

You can also participate in the campaign using the Google Fit app. You’ll see a card for the challenge, and you have to tap Learn more and then click on Sign me up there.

Catch Google Fit Challenge, Stay Healthy
Catch Google Fit Challenge, Stay Healthy

Activities, in which our heart pumps harder, have a very good health benefit. It will keep us the body and mind fresh. Google Fit will count a point if one does some intense activity of one minute consistently. This is a very good practice for our health. World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends doing such physical activities. It will reduce heart diseases risk.

On the other hand, this challenge will also count every minute’s move on the app. Moving more, sitting less is the key to a healthy body. Moves of every minute have a great impact on our body. There are some activities that can be done easily to keep out health fit like taking the stairs instead of lift as well as some other tasks. Google will monitor them all using the app.

Google has made a team of 36 people who are going to work as an influencer. They have been gathered from nine countries. Every member of this team will work for people to make them understand how they get their heart point and everything.

Once can get the help of social websites like Facebook, Instagram to know everything about this campaign.

It is very important for us to be active at every moment to have a healthy and happy life. Accept the challenge and get to know tremendous health tips.


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