Google Made Their Cloud Platform In Los Angeles Live


Finally, the first Google Cloud Platform region in California goes online. So, now the company has all the total 17 cloud region all over the world. Google was on a mission to expand their cloud region as soon as possible and the new online region indicates that they are reaching towards the set goals rapidly.

An announcement came from Google earlier about this July launch of the LA cloud region and yesterday it was launched. Google’s cloud region platform was already present in the United States and now it boasts all the total five regions in the area. This cloud region in LA will now allow the user to run their workload and store data in the Los Angeles.

Google Made Their Cloud Platform In Los Angeles Live
Google Made Their Cloud Platform In Los Angeles Live

The new cloud region of Google is mainly geared towards the entertainment industry. However, there are many more different companies which will also utilize the region to get their job done.

Features of the new LA region:

  • The new cloud region in Los Angeles is designed to offer a range of services which include computing services, storage, App engine, Big data, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine and the networking services. It also includes the very recently launched NAS-like cloud filestore service.
  • All those companies that are situated near the LA physical datacenter will be benefitted greatly. They can enjoy two dedicated interconnects to the Equinix and coreSite’s local LA1 data center.
  • This LA cloud region has 3 zones that will allow developers and network admin to distribute storage and application across several zones to protect them against the service disruption.
  • The end users in Southern California will witness now great speed in the hosting application. The reason is hosting application in the LA cloud region can now improve the latency to a great rate while it will be up to 80% in Northern


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