Google Assistant Lock Screen available for more Android devices


We all know Google Assistant is a wonderful way to take calls, know the weather report and do the daily chores like laundry, etc. A recent update is made where you may even enter text in the Google Assistant. This sort of personal assistance is even popular outside the Android devices. The company announces that Google Assistant will be available on more and more Android devices and lock screens.

In the month of October, this feature was announced at the Google Hardware Event. But, that time was limited to the Pixel 3 handsets introduced by the company. It is great to know that now it is available for various other Android phone lock screens.

Google Assistant Lock Screen available for more Android devices
Google Assistant Lock Screen available for more Android devices

There has been a lot of security concern when Google has announced this feature for you. Just tick the checkbox in the settings to opt in. That sort of access to the phone lock screen would open handset to the malicious parties. Although, once you did that it would only respond to your voice. It wouldn’t be accessed by anyone else than someone having a great impression about you.

After you have enabled this feature, it would make your life easy for you can place restaurant orders, schedule reminders, turn the alarm off and all these you may do without even unlocking the handset. In fact, Google Assistant may do a lot of things for you to make your life easy.

Check traffic, play videos, your favorite music or anything, the functions are exciting. Use the Google Assistant feature to lock or unlock your phone. All these you can do just with your voice. Isn’t life more convenient now? So, just screen off and lock. The app is available on the Play Store where you need to download and use it.

Well, you may also create a shortcut to the app on the phone. From the Explore Screen, swipe the overflow button, find the menu and choose ‘settings’.


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