GitHub is making great endeavors after Microsoft acquires it on October 2018

Recently, the web hosting giant, GitHub has announced its new service known as GitHub free. Through this service, the company provides users unlimited repository without charging a dime. This move is commenced on behalf of web hosting giant so that it could give a tight competition to Gitlab, BitBucket, etc.

Furthermore, in a conference, the CEO of GitHub told the media that the repositories at free of cost can be considered as a service which is high in demand by its users.

GitHub is making great endeavors after Microsoft acquires it on October 2018
GitHub is making great endeavors after Microsoft acquires it on October 2018

The CEO of GitHub also told the reporters that all the employees in the company work in collaboration and as a community. CEO further commented that due to this feature the company has been able to undertake near about 125 improvements since Microsoft acquires the company. Due to making many repositories free of cost one can easily host various projects viz. programming, homework assignment, etc.

Back in October 2018, Microsoft acquired the company for a staggering price of $7.5 billion since then Microsoft has revolutionized the coding services. This has helped GitHub to gain a larger market share and to attract more and more customers. According to Nat Friedman coding is considered as a solitary activity which programmers do for software companies and help to build the largest team.

Furthermore, speaking to news reporters, the CEO of the company also told that the company is planning to consolidate its current products under GitHub brand. This feature will further help to sell the services with a single subscription. Nat further told the reporters about various services under the flagship of the company viz. clouding, private portal, and the server of GitHub.

With the help of impeccable features by the company users can help get impeccable services viz. data security, data conservation, etc. With the help of a private server, it also tends to increase the site speed.

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