Gboard From Google – Connecting Languages And Communities


The Internet has no boundaries and has connected almost every part of the world today including remote towns and villages. Tech and resources have helped people in each part of the world make the maximum use of internet availability. From educational videos and support to E-commerce and transaction support, previously unachievable tasks have now become extremely easy.

One challenge that came across was to provide support for local languages and dialects. This is much easier for languages that are widely spoken and have a lot of materials available. However, for lesser-known dialects, translation and providing support becomes a much more difficult task. In order to achieve this, language experts are hired to create a database which is then used to train the AI.

Gboard From Google - Connecting Languages And Communities
Gboard From Google – Connecting Languages And Communities

The AI then develops other features for providing support to the languages such as predictive text and auto correct. After rounds of testing and development, it is then made available for the public.

Gboard from Google is the perfect application that delivers the cross-language functionality to users both for Android and iOS. Since its inception, the application has undergone massive developments and improvements and can now support over 500 languages and over 40 writing systems.

These massive changes now enable almost 90% of the world’s population to use Gboard in their first language. This is a mammoth task considering the fact that it was launched just 2 years ago.

In addition to support for multiple languages, Gboard also offers an array of features such as handwriting recognition, multilingual typing, voice typing, GIF and emoji search, etc. However, Google isn’t stopping here. Research and development continue to add more languages and features that help connect more people and make life easier for them.

The only seemingly visible con to the app is the lack of parity between Android and iOS with some of the features not available in the latter.


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