Fingerprint Technology with a Larger Area from Xiaomi


In-screen fingerprint reader technology is available to many users for many years by using different models. It is expected that the fingerprint reading technology embedded in the screen, which has become a standard especially in the upper segment models, will become a standard in the models with lower segments over time.

However, due to their slowness and the fact that they can only be used in a certain area, this technology, which does not satisfy users for use, can be a turning point thanks to Xiaomi.

Fingerprint Technology with a Larger Area from Xiaomi
Fingerprint Technology with a Larger Area from Xiaomi

As is known, a fingerprint reader embedded in the screen can only scan the finger that is read in a specific area. Since it is difficult to memorize this area, you may have to wake up your device beforehand.

Considering the complaints made by the users, Xiaomi has been working to take the fingerprint reading technology a step further by the company’s CEO, Lin Bin.

The CEO of the company was informed about the technology developed in a video sharing at Weibo, China’s social media site. With this fingerprint reader technology, fingerprint registration can be done with a single touch. Again with this development, a large finger recognition area is offered to the users with an area of 25 X 50 mm. This area is approximately 10-15 times the size of the areas currently in use.

With this development, Xiaomi will be able to address the issues of slowness and usable space, which are the two most annoying issues for fingerprint reading technology embedded in the screen.

It is known by many technology followers that some companies dealing with the solution of these problems have also worked. However, even if this is not an official explanation, it is possible to say that the company, which has been explained by a top manager, has gone a long way in this regard. Xiaomi aims to get ahead of its rivals by using this new technology.

In particular, the company’s first technology to use this technology is not known, although the estimates of the new technology will come with the first phone model will be the new flagship Mi 9.


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