Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is Heading To PC On Feb 1st


Final Fantasy XII arrived on the console during the last year but its introduction was due on PC and now good news for all the game lovers that Square Enix has finally decided to bring this version of Final Fantasy to the desktop. Just a few more days and you will be able to enjoy the Final Fantasy XII on the desktop with several PC exclusive features.

February 1st is the release date and one more interesting news is you will be enrolled to enjoy 20% discount during the first week on Steam. Anyways here are all the excellent features of Final Fantasy 12 that make it really desirable.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is Heading To PC On Feb 1st
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is Heading To PC On Feb 1st

New features of Final Fantasy XII for PC:

  • It assures 60 FPS and will be compatible with 21:9 UHD monitor. So you can use 3 HD monitors for the 48:9 experience when it arrives on the PC.
  • Unlockable is a new feature on PC that will allow users to unlock all three background music such as original, soundtrack, and re-orchestrated from the starting of the game.
  • The game will also have support for keyboard and mouse. Key assignation via on-screen UHD is another feature that will allow gamers to play with it comfortably.
  • New Game Minus and New Game Plus are other added features while the New Game Minus ensures players will have to face some more challenges in case they fail to gain any experience points.
  • Maximize License Points and the Gil will let users have access to the maximum points from the configuration screen.

These are just a few to mention and many more other new features have been integrated into this game to make it more challenging and interesting. However, anything about the price of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac age is not yet disclosed and it will be revealed only when the game arrives on Feb 1st.


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