Be Careful! Fake Alexa setup is ascending the App Store


An app fooled the entire Apple users. In the recent time, there is an app which is circulating around the Apple App Store. This is a scam app. People are installing this app pretending it as Alexa virtual personal assistant.

The name of the app is Setup for Amazon Alexa. While installing this app, it requires the IP address, serial number, and name of the device. The app fooled people by saying that, it is teaching the users how to use this app and get all the confidential information of the device.

Be Careful! Fake Alexa setup is ascending the App Store
Be Careful! Fake Alexa setup is ascending the App Store

This app has hit #6 in the Utilities category when there comes a speaker named Alexa Smart Speaker. It was opened for the holidays, and this scam app comes to the 60th most installed app of the App Store.

It is really surprising when a scam app passes the iOS App Store Review Process and has risen so high up in the charts.

The name of the developer company of this app is One World Software. They had a total of 3 apps in the iOS App Store. Setup for Amazon Alexa was one of them. Another one was named, Marketplace-Buy/Sell There was also a 99 cents paid app. Its name was Any Fonts for Instagram.

Apple has removed all these three apps from the App Store.

However, this is not the first time we are seeing scam app in the App Store fooling the Apple users. It has happened for several times. So, the Apple iPhone / iPad users are requested to be more conscious before installing any app.

Again if you have gotten a new Alexa powered smart speaker, make sure you are installing the Official iOS or Android Alexa app on your device for setting up the virtual environment.


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