Facebook To Undergo A Major Overhaul, Says CEO Mark Zuckerberg


Keeping up with its commitments towards change, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday during their Q4 earnings call, implied that maybe Facebook will move away from its News Feed which has remained pretty much the same since the last few years it has been around.

Talking about how Facebook wants to contribute to society, Mark spoke of a new algorithm that will work similar to the Stories on Instagram.

Facebook To Undergo A Major Overhaul, Says CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook To Undergo A Major Overhaul, Says CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Today, most of what our News Feed is – ads pushed by various businesses, viral videos and recently Facebook was also criticized for being an easy platform to spread rumors and false news. This new effort by Facebook will enable local publishers to push their news on the News Feed, these will rank much higher in the feeds as compared to other news, and posts by friends will also rank higher in the feeds since we are more likely to respond to our family and friend’s posts rather than a business page we are following.

High-quality news sources going forward

Facebook wants to promote high-quality news sources that will help in enabling better and meaningful social connections between its users. This will be first tested in a few cities in the US and later extended to the rest of the world. This might not be very good for businesses that use Facebook as a major social media platform for promotional purposes. This change will mean lesser news feeds, fewer advertisements and a slight hit at the bottom line of the firm.

In an effort to keep up with promoting local news Facebook is also working on a new section “Today In” that will focus on collating local news, stories, events, and any updates. While Facebook is not the only player trying to achieve this, Google is trying to get an application out soon called “Bulletin” which will work on similar lines and also allow local journalists to write and publish stories instantly.

Facebook said that its goal is to bring people closer to their local community and it will direct its efforts in that direction.


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