Face ID in the new iPad


Apple has released a number of ads promoting iPad and its uses a few days back. These ads actually show how iPad is much better in terms of portability and performance in comparison to conventional paper and even high tech laptops. The ads are of 15 seconds and focus on how iPad can make tedious tasks easier and convenient. You can do paperwork, plan your trips, creates notes and other stuff conveniently on the new iPad.

The ads show the 6th generation of iPad which was revealed by Apple in its education event in March. It is a low-cost iPad price at $329 in the United States which comes with a pen support.

Face ID in the new iPad
Face ID in the new iPad

These ads were released on Apple official YouTube channels showing that an iPad is just enough for all your needs. The first ad shows how an iPad can help you plan your travel to any part of the world simply and effortlessly. You can use the pencil provided with the iPad to mark the routes on a map and other things.

The second one features how you can do all your paperwork without papers using an iPad ensuring you the full security of your documents. The ad shows a man struggling with a bunch of papers finding the one he needs and how we can save our precious time using iPad for all our paper needs by flawlessly organizing and working on our documents. Other ads show how Apple’s iPad can help you organize your notes and other stuff in your day to day life.


Apple released yet another 90 seconds ad which focuses on face ID. This commercial is based on how face ID is safer and easier than other forms of passwords. The ad shows a man who is asked to remember the password for banking application which he created earlier in the morning. He struggles for a long time before realizing he can use the Face ID for accessing the banking application.

This hints that Apple may be planning to add the face ID feature in its new iPad. But we have to wait until Apple’s next event which is likely to be held in the month of September for its official announcement.


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