Contentious USB security feature of Apple’s latest update


Apple has always surprised its users with updating new features which makes user-handling effortless. Its latest update iOS 11.4 has come up with user-friendly features in fixing the issues related to battery drain, bug fixes. The update is said to be storage-space friendly by not draining much in the space. The update also tends to maintain the CPU function in a good position. However, a new security feature has been added which restricts USB connection. It is called USB restriction mode.

USB restriction mode is said to be a security feature which restricts the lightning connection by automatically disabling the link after an hour.

Contentious USB security feature of Apple's latest update
Contentious USB security feature of Apple’s latest update

The users have to enter a password on an hourly basis to retain the connection. Otherwise, the link will be disabled leaving the apple device to get their battery charged and not share anything between the other device which is connected.

This feature was said to be designed for protecting the phone from undesirable handling by unknown people.

This feature has both protection and hardship aspects. The protection aspect is that if the device might get lost or seized by a criminal, the information in the device cannot be squandered. The password breaking is impossible, securing the phone. It can only be used for charging the battery.

The hardship aspect is that if the owner of the phone or device is a criminal, it would be hard for the law enforcement department to unlock the phone to extract information. The police would have a hard time trying to access the phone.

This aspect has made this update a controversial one. The law enforcement has shown disregard as the USB restriction mode might slow down the legal action towards the criminal. The process of device access might be challenging for the cops.

However, the Apple has responded to this comment by saying that they won’t design security equipment that would hinder the actions of the law enforcement department. Apple has also assured that it would assist the department with information gathering.


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