Confirm.Io Is Facebook’s New Acquisition

53 is a software that helps you to read a country’s identification card such as a license, tax card, voter card, etc. The software is a well-known effort made by Confirm Team.

They help us to distinguish between the real identity card and the fake one. Facebook has confirmed the acquisition of The company has been working on the issue to help the users who have been locked out of their own account or their account have been hacked.

Confirm.Io Is Facebook's New Acquisition
Confirm.Io Is Facebook’s New Acquisition

How Will It Help Facebook?


The latest acquisition is going to be the best feature when Facebook will successfully incorporate it, in its own application. The world is going digitalized and if your Facebook Account can act as your id card then you just require your cell phone and no another plastic card. To enhance the identification and security options, this is the best deal. It will help people to recover their locked account. It will also help to recover or regain the hacked account of the Facebook users.

Is It A Great Deal?

Surely YES, the company has successfully gained investors by raising four million dollars and the concept is unique. The company is three years old and has successfully achieved the target of creating this new application. The technology that has been invented is of great help. One just needs to read the identity card through the camera and information can be gained easily.

Facebook has been the trendsetter and the main reason for its popularity is its adoption to new technology. The world is dynamic so is the Facebook team, they keep on changing and updating. The acquisition of will take the company towards its ultimate target to redefine the technology. The feature that can read your mind, the first step has been taken in due course.


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