Chrome OS to get its first Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad – CES 2019

News that was welcomed by Chrome OS users in CES 2019 was the announcement of two upcoming products – A Wireless Keyboard and a Touchpad. They are manufactured by Brydge and is expected to be priced at 99$ each. Both the devices are said to be available for the public by late spring and pre-orders are said to start in the early spring.

Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google which uses Chrome Web Browser as its principal user interface and is based on the Linux Kernel. Though it was initially targeted at tablets (also known as Chromebooks), the OS is set to extend into other systems making it a serious competitor for MacOS and Windows.

Chrome OS to get its first Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad – CES 2019
Chrome OS to get its first Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad – CES 2019

Everything you need to know about the Keyboard and the Touchpad

The wireless keyboard which is to be manufactured by Brydge will use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to the Chromebook and offers up to 6 months of battery backup. The keyboard can be charged using a USB-C cable and also can be used for dual connectivity. Following the theme of the Pixel slate, the keyboard is very sleek and has a navy blue body color with square black keys.

It features dedicated Chrome OS function keys, back, refreshes and multi-task keys. Other functions such as volume control, menu keys and brightness control are also available on the keyboard. It is made out of aluminum and will be available in UK, US English as well as German keyboard layouts.

The Touchpad also has a USB-C port to charge the device and is made with an aluminum body and glass touch surface. It supports multi-touch functionality and gestures similar to other Chromebooks. The device uses Bluetooth 4.1 to pair with the Chromebook and follows the same design theme that the keyboard comes with.

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