Apple And Samsung At CES 2019


Yet again, it’s the two tech giants that have sucked all the limelight at CES 2019 tech event, held in Vegas. Apple and Samsung are coming together in a deal in which Apple has allowed pre-installation of their iTunes and Airplay 2 facilities in the Samsung Smart Televisions.

This will be the first time that Apple will allow their services to be used in a product which is not of Apple but of another company. Any consumer that has new models of Samsung Smart TV‘s will be able to stream content from their iOS devices, including photos, video, podcasts, and music, directly into their smart televisions.

Apple And Samsung At CES 2019
Apple And Samsung At CES 2019

Samsung’s executive vice president for the company’s visual display business, Won-Jin Lee said the partnership with Apple would bring more content, value and open platform functionality to customers of both the companies and it is ideal for everyone.

Samsung also announced the latest flagship phone, S10, which they are going to launch on Feb 20, 2019, at 11 am PT at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco. Samsung may be best known for its Galaxy smart-phone devices, but other products like TV’s, fridges, and other electronic items are a major contributing factor in their income streams too. And this deal will definitely push all the iOS users into purchasing Samsung Smart tvs in the coming times.

The all-new Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a better Bixby. The Bixby is coming with new smart capabilities such as now a user can connect it with the cockpit of their cars and use it for features like knowing fuel levels and changing songs and much more. Samsung has also announced the new 75 inches modular TV which will be first geared at commercial uses but then soon will make way to the consumers too.

And for Apple, it did not even have to show up officially at the event to gain a lot of coverage; it let their partners handle their presence and announcements. Apple has been desperate in the recent times to turn itself into more of a services sector owing to their losses because of low iPhone sales in the recent quarters.

And this move with Samsung is surely going to stir things in the markets for Apple consumers and at the same time Samsung consumers. But Apple has not made it very clear that it is an exclusive deal with Samsung or not, they may or may not announce more such deals in the future with other companies.


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