Booty Is The New In-Charge Of X-Box Appointed By Microsoft


Microsoft is struggling to enhance its gaming feature whether in Mobile or PC or Console. The company is facing a tough time. The decision for designating Booty as in charge of the Gaming specifically Minecraft was tough but it is for the betterment of the company.

Earlier, Spenser was the sole in-charge, now there is a change. Spenser would be responsible for creating the grand strategies of the gaming and Booty will be in-charge of their executions.

Booty Is The New In-Charge Of X-Box Appointed By Microsoft
Booty Is The New In-Charge Of X-Box Appointed By Microsoft



Booty is the Minecraft Boss and is the replacement of Spenser in Microsoft. Matt Booty’s new role is to oversee the various Microsoft Studios and the Microsoft Gaming that is under the authority of Spenser. Technically, Spenser would report directly to Satya Nadella (who is the CEO of Microsoft) but from now onwards Spenser will report to Booty and Booty will report to Nadella. He has been working with Microsoft since 2014 and has also contributed his efforts in Windows phone. He had helped in the development of some amazing game experience such as Xbox Live Arcade. It was his efforts that the company bought Minecraft in the year 2014.

Roles included in his designation

He is expected to look after 343 industries of Microsoft. He will be responsible for strategic execution specifically around the gaming. He will head the team who is responsible to manage the development of the first party game namely console, PC, and mobile. He is reportable to Satya Nadella who is the CEO and his designation is for Vice President.

Can Booty bring some positive change in the near future?

For that, we’ll have to wait. He has the potential to bring about a change. He is the one who took the effort to bring Minecraft under Microsoft. His contribution to the previous company whom he joined as an Engineer and reached the post of CEO has raised many expectations.

It is the decision to increase the prospective business from gaming. The steps are mainly taken for enhancement of the market value of Minecraft among the other market leaders.


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