Best Prime Day Deals

Prime Day is a massive sale that Amazon puts for its prime members every July. These are the most amazing deals introduced by Amazon for the prime users. The Prime day deals are best for “bargain hunters“. It starts from 16th of July and ends on 17th July at midnight.

The appliances, hardware and other products can be bought at a very cheap and discounted prices. If you’ve been looking to buy a Switch console or accessories, PC hardware, Amazon devices, or smart home tech, there’s still plenty of time for you to save some money.

Best Prime Day Deals
Best Prime Day Deals

Reserved only for Prime members

Only Prime members can take the advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day deals. If you are not a prime member you can sign up for a 30-day free trial membership. You can also pay your one-month prime membership fee i.e. 12.99USD along with the advantage of canceling it any time you feel like.

Temporary discounts available

In the Prime Day deals, there is a great discount on every item. There are temporary discounts on games, stereos, accessories, headphones, electronics, home devices, and utensils.

What’s new in Prime?

  • Its longer- Prime 2018 is 6 hours longer than Prime 2017.
  • Free gift boxes – Amazon has sent giant “smile” boxes to 5 cities including New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, and Tokyo.
  • Discounts at whole foods- In addition to 10$ the whole food buyers would get an extra 10% discount.
  • Free prime games- Amazon is giving free games to its prime members in anticipation of Prime Day.

Prime Day tips

  • Turn on the notifications to get the updates of the best deals.
  • Pre-plan your list and sop accordingly.
  • Try managing your time properly so that you cannot miss any item with a great deal.

Amazon’s Prime Day deals are the best deals to hog on. These online deals are not only money saving but only time-saving deals. They come with exclusive offers and discounts which are very pleasing for every customer.

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