Back Button Hijacking – Putting An End


The Internet is an ever-growing web platform which has multiplied hundred-fold since its inception and continues to grow at an exponential rate. With advancements in technology and connectivity, users now have access to unlimited information at the click of a button. At the same time, e-commerce and online platforms have given the ability for users to order almost anything from the comfort of their own homes.

Along with the multiple benefits that the internet has brought, there are also many shady and dangerous websites lurking with malicious intentions.

Back Button Hijacking - Putting An End
Back Button Hijacking – Putting An End

Right from malware to steal user information to irritating and inappropriate ad content, there are a lot of things that become difficult to avoid. One such feature is called the back button hijacking.

What is back button hijacking?

When browsing the internet, advertisements and banners are something that is unavoidable. Though some of them are genuine, there are many such banners and pop up ads that contain information and links to harmful websites. When a user clicks on such ads or banners, he is redirected to a new site which is designed to keep the user from exiting it or going back to the previous page.

Such sites usually have codes which disable the functionality of the back button. So instead of taking the user back to the previous page, clicking on the back button will auto-generate fake web entries and keep the user in the same site in an unending cycle.

Google has now taken this up and decided to crack down on such websites and links. Expected to roll out to the users in the first quarter of 2019, the new features will flag such websites and track requests made by the user versus requests that are automatically or erroneously generated. Though any mistakes in this feature may lead to security breaches and unwanted side effects, it is a much-needed safety net for unsuspecting web users.


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