Augmented Reality Stick Gets Enhancement By Motion Still App


The announcement by Google has created a new speculation about this particular enhancement. The success of the same is expected by all. The company has made its introduction to Google Pixel 2.

What Is The New Addition All About?

The updating allows the user to edit the video and the image specifically gif. It allows a chicken, dinosaur or a robot to be added in your environment that are 3D. The 3D additions are capable of moving in any directions and this makes the update more useful for many editors of video and gif images.

When And How Did The Requirement Was Made?

Reality Stick

The same is the inspiration for the Star Wars and Google wanted to bring something that can be actually used to edit the video and it seemed to be realistic rather than a virtual edition. The world is changing and is becoming all about the hashtags and sharing images. It can be a fun game to add something that can show momentum in the picture or video and can make it better than before.

The company has not achieved the realistic 3D image of the chicken and dinosaur but it is satisfactory as this is an experiment that is going to shape the upcoming technology.

How Does It Work?

There is no separate gadget or object required to enable the usage of the same. The updating made can be used with the AR Stick. It allows the user to place the 3D object wherever they want to in the video or the gif images. It is as simple as the stick of Notepad used by Samsung Users in the Note Series smartphone.

The technology introduced, needs some updating along with the realistic feel. The addition of more options other than the three is expected. Google has raised the bar for the competitors as the gamers can already enjoy this technology on the Google Pixel 2. one can easily add any object to the game and play along by creating a funny video or any humorous image.


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