AT&T to revolutionize the market by introducing 2 in 1 charger

Recently AT&T, the telecommunication giant has announced that it might join the wireless charger market. According to some news reporting agencies, AT&T is planning to manufacture a charger that would work for iPhone as well as for Apple Watch. Furthermore, the wireless charger to be designed by the telecommunication giant would be equipped with 3000 mAh battery which would aid charging while traveling.

AT&T is calling its charging device as power drum. As per the speculation, the charger would have an upfront watch charging place, and on the top, it would have a Qi pad on which one can charge his iPhone. According to the documentation for the upcoming charger, it produces an output of 10 W while only 7.5 W is required for iPhone devices. Furthermore, according to various gadget gurus, the wireless charger would also support series 4 of Apple Watch.

AT&T to revolutionize the market by introducing 2 in 1 charger
AT&T to revolutionize the market by introducing 2 in 1 charger

If the charger doesn’t support series 4 of Apple Watch, then it could be inferred that the gadget was meant to be released early this year, but it didn’t go as it was planned. The wireless charger has a built-in charging modulation for Apple Watch plus the charger also provides a charging indication with the help of LED indicators. According to the tech gurus, the biggest drawback of AT&T’s upcoming charge is that it doesn’t support USB-C charging, as it can be charged by micro USB.

Furthermore, though it’s unclear when AT&T would make its latest innovation public the charger would cost around $99.99. According to one of the officials of AT&T, it has given one of the best deals to the people since they don’t have to buy two separate gadgets to charge their iPhone and Apple Watch.

Furthermore, the official of the telecommunication giant also told that the price set by the company would get justified in future, once people would use their rugged device on a daily basis.

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